Tag: ghosts

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Ghosts’

HOLLYWOOD—Audiences of “The Walking Dead” have been waiting for a battle to erupt, well the wait is over. Sunday’s episode, ‘Ghosts’ showed the war...

“The Ring” Is A Clever Ghost Tale!

HOLLYWOOD—I thought long and very hard about how I wanted to cap off the month of Halloween in terms of recommending a great movie...

“Poltergeist” Is Indeed A Classic

HOLLYWOOD—With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve celebrated the month here at Canyon News in the past discussing all types of various genres of horror from...

“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” Somewhat Spooky

HOLLYWOOD—When the first “Paranormal Activity” arrived in theaters in 2009 I was a huge fan. It was unlike anything seen in the cinematic world,...

“Scream” Recap: ‘Ghosts’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week Will saw his demise in gruesome fashion as Emma was the person who sealed his fate, courtesy of our elusive killer on...

“Poltergeist” Trailer Will Spook You

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a fan of remakes to a degree, especially when the writer and director chooses to take a classic in a new direction. In...
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