Tag: Giving Back

Random Acts Of Kindness

UNITED STATES—Kindness, it feels like we are lacking this quite significantly in the United States nowadays. People just seem to be in foul moods...

Southern California Native Russell Westbrook Pays Tribute To Medical Workers

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Russel Westbrook, guard for NBA's Houston Rockets, delighted medical first responders at MLK Community Hospital on Thursday, May 21.  The player, a native...

Black Stars More Mouth Than Action

HELLO AMERICA!—It pains me tremendously, but the truth must be told, that our so-called Black stars of film and stage today who are touted...

Celebrities Doing Good!

HOLLYWOOD—Celebrities never cease to amaze me. Take Nicki Minaj for instance, she launched a contest on Twitter earlier this month, promising to fly the...

“The Buried Life” A Testament Of Living Life And Giving Back

HOLLYWOOD —Nowadays many of the things seen on television are pure entertainment, but every so often you come across that one show that opens...
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