Tag: Good Boys

“It: Chapter Two” Spooks Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Everyone knew the sequel to the 2017 hit “It” would draw big numbers at the box-office. The question everyone wanted to know is rather...

“Angel Has Fallen” Wins Box-Office Again

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve always said the end of summer is the worst time for the box-office and this weekend proved it yet again. Yes, summer might...

“Angel Has Fallen” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—There is a new champ at the box-office dethroning the unexpected victory from last week’s winner, “Good Boys.” The sequel “Angel Has Fallen” starring...

“Good Boys” Is Hilarious!

HOLLYWOOD—When do you recall the last time watching a comedy that was so original, so side-splitting funny that it hurt your stomach? To be...

“Good Boys” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—There were a few surprises at the box-office over the weekend, as a raunchy comedy involving little boys dazzled audiences at theaters. The comedy,...
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