Tag: guilt

The Ding

UNITED STATES—It was the trough right between Christmas and New Year, between overindulgence and overspending. People were slowly coming back to town and there...

Artist’s Return Part 2

UNITED STATES—"Why do you have plastic bags?" the young sheriff asked. "Poop bags for the dog." The young buzz-cut sheriff bid Archer to sit on...

Spending Money That’s Not Yours

UNITED STATES—Money, it seems to leave our pockets, purses and wallets as soon as we receive it. However, how often do we find ourselves...

What Good Is An Apology?

UNITED STATES—There is a topic that I really want to discuss and I think it’s something that should be of importance to all Americans:...

The Doghouse

UNITED STATES—The Palmer House got all gussied up with the help of a threat from the city. Then came the big day of the...

Guiltless Eating

UNITED STATES—The obituary for the celebrated Look-Life shutterbug, Phil Stern, whose lens caught scenes of war and froze iconic images of Marilyn and James...
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