Tag: Halloween Ends

“Halloween Ends” Offers Tension, But Lacks Scares

HOLLYWOOD—This is it. The battle fans of the “Halloween” franchise have been eagerly waiting for: Michael Myers vs. Laurie Strode. Well, the title says...

“Halloween Ends” Final Trailer Delivers!

HOLLYWOOD—I have been waiting for this movie since the 2018 rebirth of “Halloween” was released in theaters. If the coronavirus pandemic had never transpired,...

“Halloween Ends” Delivers Spooky First Trailer

HOLLYWOOD—I have been waiting for inside details on the upcoming “Halloween Ends” since “Halloween Kills” came out last October. “Ends” is the third and...

“Halloween Kills” And “Halloween Ends” Delayed By Universal

HOLLYWOOD—The theatrical releases of “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends” have been delayed by Universal Pictures which made the announcement on Wednesday, July 8. The films...
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