Tag: haunted house

“The Disappointments Room” Certainly Disappoints

HOLLYWOOD—For a movie that totally attempts to sell itself by keeping its biggest secret from being divulged to the audience, “The Disappointments Room” fails...

“Crimson Peak” Has Intrigue, But Few Scares

HOLLYWOOD—With Halloween right around the corner, movie lovers looking for thrills might venture to the multiplex to see the new thriller “Crimson Peak.” The...

“Scream Queens” Recap: ‘Haunted House’

HOLLYWOOD—In the tradition of Halloween, “Scream Queens” is upping the level of horror with its latest episode paying tribute to haunted houses with an...

“Poltergeist” Will Scare You Senseless

HOLLYWOOD—I have seriously been waiting for quite some time for a movie to come along to deliver some wicked thrills, something to scare me...
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