Tag: healthy eating

Late Night Dinners Pose Health Risks

UNITED STATES—A small study by John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine, published on Thursday, June 11, noted that people who eat a late-night dinner...

Diet Changes Are Not That Easy

UNITED STATES—I am trying my hardest to be healthy when it comes to eating. The thing about eating healthy is you’re told one thing...

Is Being Healthy The New Trend?

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles has been known for being “granola,” a term that was coined for religiously eating healthy. However, many restaurants are popping up...

Healthy Eating Plan 101

UNITED STATES—Eating healthy is no easy task, most Americans know this. You can tell yourself a trillion times that you will do so, but...

Fat Tuesday Festivities

UNITED STATES—Well, we’re just a few days away from indulgence at its best: Fat Tuesday. Yep, for many while it’s known for partying and...

Celebrity Secret Diets!

HOLLYWOOD—When it comes to celebrity diet secrets, there isn't anything most of us wouldn't do to get a taste of the same weight loss...
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