Tag: hedges

Hedges – Living In The Background

UNITED STATES—Pretty soon, as autumn weather starts to get cooler, some deciduous plants will develop brilliant color before defoliating for their winter dormancy. Throughout...

Hedges Are Like Green Fences

UNITED STATES—Hedges are a complicated topic! Like lawns, they are among the more functional features of a landscape. They can be used to provide...

A Hedge Between Keeps Friendship Green

UNITED STATES—If good fences make good neighbors, what about hedges? If only it were that simple. There are all sorts of evergreen hedges to...

Vines Do Not Replace Hedges

UNITED STATES—Urban homes are innately close to other urban homes. Newer homes are even closer to each other than older homes are, and are...

Winter Dormancy Begins In Autumn

UNITED STATES—Autumn is for planting...but not much else. While it is important to get certain new plants into the garden before cool and rainy...

Roses Have Thorns And Thorns Have Roses

UNITED STATES—Thorns, spines and prickles are not often considered to be assets. The weirdly stout prickles on the distended trunks of floss silk tree...
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