Tag: Hollywood

Hot Hollywood, The New Generation Of Stars

HOLLYWOOD—This is a town that is known for creating big stars. Those who last are considered legends and “The Bold and the Beautiful” is...

Security Guard Shot In Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, January 11, a security guard in Hollywood was shot in a gang-related incident. The altercation occurred at a strip mall parking lot located...

Asaf Goldstien, Hollywood Superstar In Waiting, Interview

BEVERLY HILLS —Israeli actor Asaf Goldstien has continued his ascension on the Tel Aviv stage and London theater circuit, but is preparing for his...

“Hollywood Earth Shattering Scandals,” Author Interview

BENEDICT CANYON —It’s always fascinating to me why people who are attractive and talented enough to be on the big screen often choose backstage...

Hollywood In 2010!

HOLLYWOOD —Happy New Year, everyone! With the end of the last year of the decade, we welcome the beginning of a new year. We...

This Week In Hollywoodland

BEVERLY HILLS —This week we pay homage to the men in Hollywood who made a difference in 2009. In 1950, Marlon Brando made his...
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