Tag: honesty

Call A Spade A Spade People

UNITED STATES—I am a person who does not believe in mincing one’s words. I do believe sometimes you have to be blunt and direct...

If You Cheat You Will Get Caught

UNITED STATES—This week I really want to tackle a topic of importance that we rarely talk about in America: cheating. It is something so...

Does Loyalty Really Matter?

UNITED STATES—Loyalty is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit with the people in my inner circle. I see it quite often...

Being Truthful Is Hard

UNITED STATES—To tell a lie or to tell the truth, it’s not the easiest predicament to be placed in. Sometimes you just have to...

Wild, Fantastical And Unbelievable Lies

UNITED STATES—We all tell lies from time to time, but when does telling a lie go to the next level? Some of you might...
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