Tag: horror

“The Gallows” Is Scary As Hell

HOLLYWOOD—Horror in Hollywood is not easily accomplished. To deliver the thrills seriously, it involves a villain that is frightening, characters we care about and...

“Nightmare On Elm Street 3,” A Worthy Sequel

HOLLYWOOD—Sequels seem to happen all the time in Hollywood nowadays, but how often does a sequel actually surpass the original. I would say 98...

“Unfriended,” Cyber Horror Unleashed

HOLLYWOOD—It has been awhile since we’ve seen a tense-thriller, well that is if you don’t count “It Follows.” Our latest supernatural thriller “Unfriended” takes...

Horror And TV Can It Work?

HOLLYWOOD—There has been a debate for years that violence on television is reaching epic proportions and I would agree. My interest was peaked this...

“It Follows” Is Spine-Tingling

HOLLYWOOD—I seriously can’t recall the last time I saw a horror film that literally left me unnerved. Tapping into that realm of originality is...

“Poltergeist” Trailer Will Spook You

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a fan of remakes to a degree, especially when the writer and director chooses to take a classic in a new direction. In...
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