Tag: Ice Cream

NORMS Summer Campaign Includes Free Ice Cream

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Casual-style chain restaurant NORMS, which has branches throughout SoCal, is offering multiple summer campaigns called "beat-the heat." One of the beat-the heat deals is...

3 Things To Eat In Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN—I visited Copenhagen for a few days in the summer of 2018. After going to several Denmark-inspired cafés here in Malaysia, I had long...

SuperCool Creamery Opening

LOS FELIZ—The 95-year-old Vista Theatre will see the opening of SuperCool Creamery in August. SuperCool Creamery is wrapping up construction next to the Los...

All We Need Is Ice Cream

UNITED STATES—The temperature has been rising steadily all week, with a forecast of high 80s in Los Angeles. I am all for warmer weather;...

Evolution Of: Ice Cream Treats

UNITED STATES—It’s National Ice Cream Month and you have about a week left to go take part in my chosen ICE CREAM RELATED activity:...

Listeria Hysteria At Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

LOS FELIZ—Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Los Feliz has temporarily closed after the Ohio-based company detected Listeria in their Columbus production facilities June 12....
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