Tag: Immigrants

California To Aid Illegal Immigrants During COVID-19 Crisis

CALIFORNIA—Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday, April 15, his plan to provide cash payments to adult immigrants living illegally in the state to help...

Mexico’s President Offers Asylum To Migrant Caravan

UNITED STATES—Mexico's President, Enrique Pena Nieto offered the caravan of migrants traveling to the United States borders asylum. Nieto addressed a crowd stating, “Today, Mexico...

Street Vending Laws Amended To Protect Immigrants

LOS FELIZ—In February, the Los Angeles City Council voted to decriminalize street vending which protects the cities immigrant population by ruling that unauthorized vendors...

Saying Stupid Things

UNITED STATES—By now, I KNOW everyone has heard the comment that was made by Dr. Ben Carson, who is the new Secretary of Housing,...

Starbucks Plans To Hire Refugees Worldwide

UNITED STATES—Two days after President Donald Trump implemented new immigrant policies, which temporarily banned people native to Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, and...
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