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“Big Brother 24” Week 6 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—What in the absolute hell is happening “Big Brother” fans? “Big Brother 24” has been down, then up and back down again with absolute...

“Big Brother 24” Week 5 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—It was the week that really tested the core alliance ‘The Leftovers’ on “Big Brother 24.” Look, I’m never a fan of boring TV,...

“Big Brother 24” Week 4 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Week 3 of “Big Brother 24” was perhaps one of the best weeks of live feeds and episodes of “Big Brother” that I have...

“Big Brother 24” Week 3 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Just when I think I am out, they find a way to bring me back in. I’m referring to the CBS reality competition series...

“Big Brother 24” Week 1 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Oh, America, I knew when I saw the cast list to “Big Brother 24” that we might have a problem on our hands and...

“Big Brother 24” Premiere Episode Recap

HOLLYWOOD—My summer is about to become chaotic America because my summer guilty pleasure, the reality competition series “Big Brother” returned on Wednesday, July 6...
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