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Mobile App Tells History Of Santa Monica Pier

SANTA MONICA—A new mobile application called the "Secret Story Tour" will be released on October 15 that will provide people with more than century-long...

iPhone Users Able To Receive Compensation For Defunct Phones

SAN FRANCISCO—Apple users who purchased iPhone models before 2018 and are still in possession of their mobile device may now be eligible to collect...

Apple Stores Tracking Looted Devices

MELROSE—Looters will not be able to utilize or sell stolen Apple devices from burglarized areas including Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles as of...

FBI Condemns Apple’s Refusal To Unlock Phone

PENSACOLA, FL—On Monday, May 18, the FBI alongside the U.S. Justice Department held a press conference with the latest update regarding  last year's shooting...

Suspect Commits Fraudulent Activity

SANTA MONICA—A suspect at an Apple store in Santa Monica was attempting to commit fraudulent activity when a loss prevention agent from the store...
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