Tag: Iraq

U.S. To Withdraw 2,200 Troops From Iraq

UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, September 9, General Kenneth F. Mackenzie Jr. announced that the United States will pull out 2,200 of 5,200 troops from Iraq...

Canadian Citizen Charged In Bombing Death Of U.S. Soldiers

UNITED STATES—The United States Department of Justice reported that Canadian citizen, Faruq Kalil Muhammed ‘Isa was sentenced for his role in the conspiracy and...

Employment Opportunities In Iraq

UNITED STATES—Whether you have a spouse stationed in Iraq, or you’re just a thrill seeker in search of your next worldly adventure, there are...

HRW Calls ISIS Chemical Attacks A “War Crime”

UNITED STATES—Human Rights Watch has called the recent ISIS chemical attacks a “war crime” after the militant group carried out at least four attacks...

Love And War

UNITED STATES—Crazy thing. One of the residents of Manhattan Place recognized a woman who’d left a deposit on a room I had shown. The...

Global Terror Attacks On The Rise In 2014

UNITED STATES—Global terror attacks are rising according to the U.S. State Department. Both attacks and fatalities have increased considerably thanks in part to the...
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