Tag: Italy

Prince Of Venice Food Truck Opens New Restaurant

WESTWOOD—Prince Emanuele Filiberto, the owner of a popular food truck in Venice and an actual Prince as a result of being the grandson of...

David Graeber, Activist And Anthropologist, Dies At 59

VENICE— David Rolfe Graeber, an American anthropologist, anarchist activist and author has died aged 59. On Thursday, September 3, Graeber’s wife, Nika Dubrovsky, announced on...

Reviving Italy: Top 3 Places To Visit

ITALY—Italy, the hub for all things cheesy and all things bella. In the light of events, we are all aware of what has been taking...

Tanker Truck Explosion Kills 2, Injures 70

BOLOGNA, ITALY—A tanker truck explosion left two people dead and 70 others hospitalized with severe burn injuries. The explosion occurred on Monday, August 6...

Oldest Person In The World Dies At 117

ITALY—Italian Supercentenarian Emma Morano, the oldest living human being to date, died at the age of 117 on Saturday, April 15. Morano reportedly stopped breathing...

Woman Fined In Italy For Refusing To Remove Niqab

ITALY—On Friday, November 11, a Muslim woman was fined in Italy 30,000 euros for refusing to remove her niqab, a full face veil with an...
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