Tag: James Franco

Who Will Receive Oscar Love?

HOLLYWOOD—The Oscar nominations will be unveiled on Tuesday, January 23, and unlike previous years where it would be easy to predict where the Academy...

James Franco Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

HOLLYWOOD—Actor James Franco has been accused of sexual misconduct, adding his name to the growing list of celebrities identified in the #MeToo movement. Franco, 39,...

James Franco Knows Camera Especially On Button

HELLO AMERICA!—If you loved Marlon Brando and James Dean as most actors did, then you will easily understand where James Franco’s head is. He’s unpredictable,...

“The Interview” Has Some Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—It had to be one of the most talked about movies this holiday season, “The Interview.” This was not a flick on my list...

“The Interview” Debacle

UNITED STATES—Last week the craziness surrounding Sony Pictures Entertainment and their movie “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco hit the fan. Amidst...

Sony Leak: What Does It Say?

UNITED STATES—Ok, in the past few weeks some alarming things have been uncovered about Sony Pictures Entertainment as private emails from studio execs were...
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