Tag: James McAvoy

“It: Chapter Two” Is Intense, Damn Scary!

HOLLYWOOD—I have been waiting since September 2017 to see how it would all end. It has been a very long time since a horror...

“Glass” Is Slightly Underwhelming

HOLLYWOOD—Never in a million years did I expect while watching the psychological thriller and must-see film “Split” that it was a sequel to M....

“Atomic Blonde” Has Fun Action, Dull Story

HOLLYWOOD—When most people think about a spy, James Bond automatically comes to mind, but what if I told you that “Atomic Blonde” takes the...

“Split” Is A Mind-Boggling Thrill-Ride

HOLLYWOOD—I love a good thriller, but I love a good thriller with a great twist even more. M. Night Shyamalan till this day delivered...

“Split” Scares The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well, January is not known for having explosive weekend’s at the box-office, but this weekend was a stunner. M. Night Shyamalan latest thriller “Split”...
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