Tag: Jeff Probst

Battles Explode For Power During “Survivor” Merge!

HOLLYWOOD—I find it quite hard to believe that I have once again become a fan of “Survivor” after checking out from the series probably...

“Survivor Game Changers” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest, it took “Survivor: Cambodia” aka ‘Second Chances’ to revitalize my interest in the CBS reality hit that changed the scope...

“Survivor: Millennials V. Gen X” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been eagerly waiting for the season finale of the 33rd season, yes, 33rd season of “Survivor.” The latest outing on the reality-competition series,...

“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—It was back on February 17 that “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” premiered and I surely became hooked to the latest installment in the franchise, just...

“Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chances,” My New Obsession

HOLLYWOOD—It’s rare for a show to have me so hooked, I’m literally on the verge of having a heart attack during each episode, but the...
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