Tag: Jeff Probst

“Survivor 43” Recap: ‘Mergatory’

HOLLYWOOD—Chaos is upon us in the latest episode of “Survivor 43” as the contestants and the viewers wondered if the merge was truly upon...

Battles Explode For Power During “Survivor” Merge!

HOLLYWOOD—I find it quite hard to believe that I have once again become a fan of “Survivor” after checking out from the series probably...

“Survivor Game Changers” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest, it took “Survivor: Cambodia” aka ‘Second Chances’ to revitalize my interest in the CBS reality hit that changed the scope...

“Survivor: Millennials V. Gen X” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been eagerly waiting for the season finale of the 33rd season, yes, 33rd season of “Survivor.” The latest outing on the reality-competition series,...

“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—It was back on February 17 that “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” premiered and I surely became hooked to the latest installment in the franchise, just...

“Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chances,” My New Obsession

HOLLYWOOD—It’s rare for a show to have me so hooked, I’m literally on the verge of having a heart attack during each episode, but the...
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