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Marlena Evans Possessed On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have guessed nearly 25 plus years later that writers on “Days of Our Lives” would return to a storyline that had fans...

Deception Lingers On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—Look, I said this before Eric Brady even returned to town, the writers appeared to be pointing their fingers at a Rafe and Nicole...

“The Shining” Is Unnerving!

HOLLYWOOD—My trend of exploring horror that hasn’t been on my radar is continuing just in time for Halloween, and this one is a good...

“Hotel Transylvania 3” Is Family Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Another weekend at the multiplex, another sequel unleashed to audiences. This time we have the third chapter in the popular “Hotel Transylvania” franchise. After...

Mob War Heats Up On “GH”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have expected the streets of Port Charles to heat up from behind bars? Not me, but it appears “General Hospital” is setting...
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