Tag: Julian Jerome

Peter Scrambles, Nelle Missing On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—A lot has transpired on “General Hospital” since we last spoke, the biggest being Nelle Benson is presumed on the run by many Port...

Olivia Jerome Returns To “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mob is back in a big way on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Just when you suspect someone from the past is...

Franco In The Hot Seat On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—That happened fairly quickly people! Yep, the powers that be who brought Tom Baker, the guy who raped Elizabeth Webber and tortured Emily Quartermaine...

Sabrina Santiago Murdered, Julian Freed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Craziness! That is the best word I can utilize to describe all the chaos that has transpired on the ABC soap "General Hospital" in the...
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