Tag: Kathy Griffin

When Did This Become Okay?

UNITED STATES−If ever there was a time that would make a person want to go back in history, it’s now.  This did not happen...

Kathy Griffin Loses Countersuit Against Neighbor

BEL AIR—Comedian Kathy Griffin lost her countersuit against her neighbor Jeffrey Metzger, the CEO of KB Homes on Thursday, January 2. Griffin’s complaint alleged that...

Celebrity Death Threats Against President Trump

UNITED STATES—On Saturday, October 18, actress, musician, and filmmaker, Barbara Streisand, 77, joined a growing list of stars who have made threats against President...

Comedy Gone Too Far!

UNITED STATES—It is no secret to the world that comedienne Kathy Griffin has rubbed quite a few people, let me rephrase that, a lot...

“Fashion Police” On Hold Till September

HOLLYWOOD—Although Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne have left "Fashion Police," the popular television series on E! has not been cancelled. According to reports, E! executives have already...
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