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Let’s Make Lemons Out Of Lemonade

UNITED STATES—Long ago when my husband was in college, a family friend commented on his ability to turn a bad situation into a good...

Beyonce Dominates 2017 BET Awards Nominations

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the Queen has returned to the foray. To be honest I find this surprising considering that BET no longer plays videos on the...

Beyonce Leads 2017 Grammy Nominees

HOLLYWOOD—The contenders for the highest accolade in the music arena have been unveiled. That’s right the nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards were announced...

Beyoncé Surprises Fans With New Album “Lemonade”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, Queen Bee has done it once again. The pop star revealed quite a bit to the American public and her fans during her...

Local Authors Add To Tween Series

SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica resident, Marcy Winograd, collaborated with Brentwood local, Jackie Hirtz, on tween novel “New Girl on Salt Flat Road,” the second book...
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