Tag: Liam Neeson

“Men In Black: International” Is No Classic!

HOLLYWOOD—It is hard to fathom that the original “Men in Black” hit theaters back in 1997. That sci-fi adventure starred Will Smith and Tommy...

“Widows” Borders Classic Heist Thriller

HOLLYWOOD—The last time I recall watching a heist flick that entertained me thoroughly and left me in a tizzy was the 2003 flick “The...

“Run All Night” Will Have You Running

HOLLYWOOD—Liam Neeson is back once again to prove that his fame as an action-star over 60 is far from over with his new thriller...

“Taken 3” Is Action-Packed, Fun

HOLLYWOOD—We can all argue that the “Taken” franchise has made Liam Neeson the newest action-star on the planet. When the first flick exploded on...
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