Tag: Lifestyle

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

UNITED STATES—Looking after your eyes is vitally important if you want to enjoy good eyesight. Unlike a myriad of other health issues, there is...

Making A Major Lifestyle Change

UNITED STATES—In life, sometimes you have to take a moment and re-examine what is going on in your life. A lot of the time...

So Long 2018—Hello 2019

UNITED STATES—Another year (2018) has departed—12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days have ticked away. The residue of events, happenings, and goings-on of 2018...

How Life Can Change After Quitting Smoking

UNITED STATES—Many changes come with the move to quit smoking. In the early days, you will be tempted to go back to smoking. That’s...

Films Of “Black” Life Present Serious Problems

HELLO AMERICA!—I recently viewed a film that was so insulting and demeaning I refuse to mention the title.  The location of the story-line took...

Fermentation Is Nothing To Fear

UNITED STATES—Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and kimchi, may often be avoided because of their strong tastes or unusual smells. While I grew up...
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