Tag: Logan Roy

“Succession” Ends On A Depressing Note!

HOLLYWOOD—Man, talk about ending a guilty pleasure. The HBO series “Succession” came to an end on Sunday night and I don’t think I have...

“Succession” Recap: ‘Church And State’

HOLLYWOOD—The penultimate episode of the HBO drama “Succession” has arrived and it was after last week’s riveting mayhem. Last week was a political bomb,...

“Succession” Recap: ‘Connor’s Wedding’

HOLLYWOOD—To say I was stunned that Roman fell for his father, Logan’s latest play on last week’s episode of “Succession” is an understatement. This...

“Succession” Recap: ‘Rehearsal’

HOLLYWOOD—Logan Roy found himself outmaneuvered by his children during the season four premiere of “Succession.” This week’s episode, ‘Rehearsal’ witnessed Logan foul-mouthed more than...

“Succession” Returns For Its Final Season

HOLLYWOOD—Talk about sibling rivalry and family issues at its worst. That is what the audience has been treated to for the past three seasons...
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