Tag: Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs One Of The Real Stars

HELLO AMERICA!─So many new faces pop up every week in the TV and film industry. Sadly, they believe simply because they happen to be...

The Marla Gibbs No One Really Knew!

HELLO AMERICA!—If you’ve been in Hollywood as long as I have, it is so easy to assume you know everything about everybody! As for me,...

Atlanta Steps Up With Levi Miller

HELLO AMERICA!—It is very gratifying to know there is one major city in our country that genuinely cares about the arts and what it...

Marla Gibbs Understands Power Of Faith

HELLO AMERICA!—She won the hearts of millions of Americans during the long run of the TV hit show “The Jeffersons” which prompted another hot...

Marla Gibbs Yells “I Feel Sin Comin’ On!”

HELLO AMERICA!—If you believed that star Marla Gibbs was in retirement, you would be wrong. This very funny lady with a talent that is...
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