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“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘The Third Turd’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Survivor” delivered a blindside, one at Tika that Yam Yam didn’t see coming as Carolyn sided with Josh and sent...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘I’m Felicia’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week was another fun episode of season 44 of “Survivor.” This week the chaos was amplified a bit more with a new twist...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Sneaky Little Snake’

HOLLYWOOD—Two weeks in a row we’ve had good episodes on the latest season of “Survivor.” The question that is still up in the air...

“Survivor 44” Recap: ‘Two Dorky Magnets’

HOLLYWOOD—With all the medical emergencies during the premiere episode of “Survivor” season 44, I was worried about the season. However, that epic first Tribal...

Survivor Kicks Off Season 44

HOLLYWOOD—Nearly 23 years ago a reality competition premiered on CBS that would change TV as we know it, that series was “Survivor.” Twenty-three years...
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