Tag: Mel Gibson

Celebrities And Negative Vibes!

HOLLYWOOD—Why do people use social media as a ranting haven? While, my professional career is not as a psychiatrist, I studied psychology in college....

Mel Gibson Listing Malibu Home

MALIBU—For the second time in two years, actor and director Mel Gibson, 63, has put his Malibu home on the market. Gibson listed the mansion...

Celebrities Seeking Help!

HOLLYWOOD—Have you ever experienced anyone who has bipolar disorder? You might think its a little bizarre that one day they speak to you, than...

Mel Gibson Nominated For First Oscar In Two Decades

HOLLYWOOD—Actor and director Mel Gibson is nominated for a Best Director Oscar for his work behind the camera on "Hacksaw Ridge." "Hacksaw Ridge" has earned...

“Hacksaw Ridge” Is Thoroughly Entertaining

HOLLYWOOD—There is one thing for anyone who appreciates cinema they can say about director Mel Gibson: he knows how to make a phenomenal film....

Revisiting “The Passion Of The Christ

HOLLYWOOD—There are movies that move you and then there are those movies that can change you. It’s hard to fathom that I never saw...
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