Tag: Michael Cohen

Trump Flies Into New York For Arraignment

UNITED STATES—On Monday, April 3, former President, Donald J. Trump boarded Trump Force One and flew into a Manhattan Criminal Court for...

District Attorney Alvin Bragg May Face Ethics Violation

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK—On March 26, Fox News host Mike Levin of the "Life, Liberty, and Levin" interviewed civil rights attorney, Leo Terrell...

Trump Announces His Potential Arrest

WEST PALM BEACH, FL—On Saturday, March 18, former President Donald Trump announced his potential arrest on Tuesday, March 21 from an illegal...

Michael Cohen To Be Released From Prison

NEW YORK— After a slight delay, Michael Cohen will be released from federal prison on Thursday, May 21. The furlough he was granted allows...

Evidence Withheld By Robert Mueller

UNITED STATES—A new report by journalist, John Sperry on Monday, December 3 indicated that Robert Mueller withheld evidence that could exonerate President Donald Trump...

Beverly Hills Attorney Under Fire

BEVERLY HILLS— Keith M. Davidson, a Beverly Hills lawyer is fighting several extortion allegations. In addition to these accusations, he is involved in a...
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