Tag: Michael St. John

Margaret O’Brien In Mike St. John’s Hollywood Documentary

HELLO AMERICA!—I must admit that having legendary child star Margaret O’Brien set to appear in “Michael St. John’s Mad and Insane Hollywood World” documentary...

Chris Robinson Brother From Another Mother!

HELLO AMERICA!—During the late 1950s, TV and film star Chris Robinson (“General Hospital” and “Twelve O’Clock High) and I met while under contract to...

Don Mitchell Looks Back To Ironsie And Ahead

HELLO AMERICA!—I had known actor Don Mitchell since our drama class days at Los Angeles City College and there was no doubt in my...

Mae West Relates Sexual Times To “The Saint”

HELLO AMERICA!—Upon returning from an unbelievable trip to Atlanta, Georgia, there was an invitation to attend a reception at USC in honor of playwright...

Roots And Now “Hollywood Through The Back Door”

HELLO AMERICA!—As a producer and one who recently helmed a major public Saban Theatre reading of the play "I Feel Sin Comin' On based on Michael St....
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