Tag: Mitch McConnell

Kentucky, Please Ditch Mitch

UNITED STATES—Many of us across the country are perplexed as to why Kentuckians keep re-electing Mitch McConnell. His near total abdication of honorably running...

Current White House Hot For Film Treatment

HELLO AMERICA!—There are several film writers concentrating on every movement being made concerning WHITE HOUSE activity and everybody associated with it. The recent news...

Dreamers And Promise Act Passes In The House

UNITED STATES—The Dreamers And Promise Act of 2019 was passed by Congress with a vote of 236-187 on June 4. This bill was introduced by...

Public Decency

UNITED STATES—I’ve seen some things transpire lately in the news that have not left me happy to say the least. Some of you might...
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