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FBI Foil Terrorist Plot By US Army Veteran

SANTA MONICA—A former U.S. Army Veteran was arrested in an FBI sting operation on Friday, April 26 for plotting to detonate nail bombs at...

Starbucks Plans To Hire Refugees Worldwide

UNITED STATES—Two days after President Donald Trump implemented new immigrant policies, which temporarily banned people native to Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, and...

Student Charged With Falsifying Hate Crime Against Trump Supporters

MANHATTAN, NY—An 18-year-old Muslim college student who claimed she was harassed by three drunk Donald Trump supporters on a Manhattan subway platform has been...

Woman Fined In Italy For Refusing To Remove Niqab

ITALY—On Friday, November 11, a Muslim woman was fined in Italy 30,000 euros for refusing to remove her niqab, a full face veil with an...

Evolution Of: Suicide

UNITED STATES—Even those raised without GOD know the answer to what religion says about killing yourself: IT'S A SIN! When I started researching the evolution of...
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