Tag: Nelle Benson

Nina Reeves Daughter Revealed On “General Hospital!?”

HOLLYWOOD─So at last it looks like we finally have an answer, we finally know (at least all signs seem to point to it), who...

Nelle Benson Takedown On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─She is the villain we love to hate, its Nelle Benson from “General Hospital.” We thought when she was carted off to jail that...

Nelle Benson Unleashes Chaos On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─Just when you think the woman who has caused so much chaos on “General Hospital” was done, Nelle Benson has been sprung from the...

Nelle Benson Returns To “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Just when the audience thought they saw the last of Nelle Benson on “General Hospital,” the master manipulator returned this week to stand trial...

Nelle Benson Busted On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been waiting for this moment, and “General Hospital’ is not disappointing. Nelle Benson has been doing some dirty things in Port Charles since...
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