Tag: Nicki Minaj

2023 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

NEW JERSEY—I will be honest, I was not eager to watch the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards which unfolded on Tuesday, September 12. Yes,...

2022 MTV Video Music Awards

HOLLYWOOD—Oh, I remember the glory days where the MTV Video Music Awards used to be great TV. Man those days have gone past because...

Lana Del Rey Defends Her Post

HOLLYWOOD—The 2014 Billboard Music Award nominee Lana Del Rey has recently come under fire for a recent Instagram post where she stated, "Now that...

Music Rifts!

HOLLYWOOD—Just this past weekend, Cardi B's ongoing feud with Nicki Minaj turned physical over the weekend as the pair clashed at a New York...

Celebrities Doing Good!

HOLLYWOOD—Celebrities never cease to amaze me. Take Nicki Minaj for instance, she launched a contest on Twitter earlier this month, promising to fly the...

Nominees For 2015 BET Awards Unveiled

HOLLYWOOD—Seems music is everyone you turn nowadays. The nominees for the 2015 BET Awards were announced on Monday, May 18. Leading the pack of...
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