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Hunt For Henrik Continues On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Utter madness, utter madness has transpired in “General Hospital” in recent weeks. Not only were audiences forced to bid farewell to Detective Nathan West,...

Two Major Deaths Rock “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I always find it fascinating when a face from the past returns to the canvas and creates just utter chaos. Well that was the...

Walls Are Closing In On Valentin On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—The Jason mystery while not 100 percent solved on “General Hospital” has definitely opened more doors than expected. For starts, Patient 6 aka (Jason...

Sonny’s Meltdown Continues On “GH!”

HOLLYWOOD—It was no secret that mobster Sonny Corinthos was headed down a slippery slope after the ‘death’ of his son Morgan from a car...

Silas’ Killer Revealed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—It was one of those deaths that was slightly unexpected on the ABC soap “General Hospital,” but I’m happy to see the soap didn’t...

Mob War Heats Up On “GH”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have expected the streets of Port Charles to heat up from behind bars? Not me, but it appears “General Hospital” is setting...
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