Tag: North Korea

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit

UNITED STATES— On Thursday, May 24, President Donald Trump cancelled the planned summit between the United States and North Korea. In a letter sent...

President Trump Vs. North Korea

UNITED STATES—Most Americans have known for years how dangerous and tactless North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un truly is. He has recently made headlines after...

America Strikes Syria

UNITED STATES—Last week was a big week for the United States as President Trump ordered a military strike against a Syrian airbase after a...

“The Interview” Has Some Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—It had to be one of the most talked about movies this holiday season, “The Interview.” This was not a flick on my list...

The Sony Hack Fallout

UNITED STATES—On November 24, employees at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City logged into their computers to find that they had been hacked by...

Sony Leak: What Does It Say?

UNITED STATES—Ok, in the past few weeks some alarming things have been uncovered about Sony Pictures Entertainment as private emails from studio execs were...
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