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Speak Easy: Killing Myself?

UNITED STATES—Anyone who personally knows me is probably pooping Twinkies right about now, thinking this is about suicide. In fact, I am using the...

Speak Easy: B**th As An Adaptation

UNITED STATES—Once upon a time I was a nice woman. Pleasant, accommodating, personable, helpful, 100 percent subservient. I even went to the prom in...

Learned Helplessness And “Playing The Victim”

UNITED STATES—You already know we live in a society that revictimizes the victim, right? Delegitimizes real victims of crime and loss, with anti-victim generalizations...

Speak Easy: Bullying Begins At Home

UNITED STATES—People are bullied at work, in school, and many other places. We know why they bully and even the kinds of characteristics prominent...

Speak Easy: My PTSD Habits

UNITED STATES—PTSD is the 4th most diagnosed psychiatric disorder in America. Last week I wrote about the evolution of the term PTSD and now...

Reality For Nerds: Monster Searching!

UNITED STATES—I will not lie: I am using “if you have nothing nice to say don't say it” bias while writing this today because...
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