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“The Chi” Recap: ‘Space Jam’

HOLLYWOOD—Well it only took the episode before the season four finale for things to become interesting on “The Chi.” The penultimate episode, ‘Space Jam’...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘Love Jones’

HOLLYWOOD—I will be the first to admit last week’s episode of “The Chi” was a bit slow and not that entertaining. So I was...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘Candyman’

HOLLYWOOD—Yes, the title alone of this week’s episode of “The Chi” had me thinking I was about to watch a horror flick. Last week...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘Cooley High’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere episode for season four of “The Chi” gave audiences plenty to salivate on. For starters, audiences got a glimpse into the...

“The Chi” Returns For Season 4

HOLLYWOOD—I binge-watched this series about a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I’m referring to the Showtime series “The Chi” that...
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