Tag: Part A

Isn’t Medicare Part A Free?

UNITED STATES—Toni, I need your help because I have made a mistake enrolling in Medicare. This February, my husband Sonny was laid off and...

Why Is My Medicare Premium An Extra $506?

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni, my husband John and I need your guidance because I believe I have made a mistake enrolling in Medicare. This April,...

Need To Stop Medicare Part B

UNITED STATES─Hello, Toni: My husband, John enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B when he turned 65 last September because friends had said if...

Medicare Part A Enrollment When Still Working

UNITED STATES—Hi Toni, I turned 65 in August of 2018 and am still working covered entirely by my large company health plan. My wife...

Should I Enroll In Medicare Part A When Turning 65?

UNITED STATES—Ms. Toni: I believe I have received wrong information from my friends who suggested that I enroll in Medicare Part A which I...
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