Tag: Payment

Why Is Medicare Denying Paying For My Doctor Visit?

UNITED STATES—Hello Toni: I have a $900 doctor bill with a new cardiologists and Medicare says they will not pay? I recently retired and...

Big Blue Bus To Introduce New Express 7 Service

SANTA MONICA- On Thursday, August 12, Big Blue Bus (BBB) announced that they will be launching a new express service – Express 7, which...

Landlords Sue LA Over Eviction Moratorium

WOODLAND HILLS—GHP Management Corp. filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles over its COVID-19 eviction moratorium, claiming to have lost tens of...

Start Preparing For Tax Season Now

UNITED STATES—It is that time of year people, no I’m not talking about New Year resolutions, I am talking about tax season. Yes, America...

Do You Pay The Bill?

UNITED STATES—As adults many of us are fully aware that if there are basic essentials you want to have you have to pay for...

New Payment Standard And HOUSE Program For Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, the Housing Authority has created new tools to assist tenants with obtaining affordable...
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