Tag: personality

Curbing Temper Flare Ups

UNITED STATES—I know I have a temper and at times it flares up when I least expect it. It is not me being angry...

Crafting A Strong Résumé

UNITED STATES—It is a one page document, the key to securing a job. Of course, most of you should know what I’m referring to:...

The Need For A Reformed America

UNITED STATES—Our country has been crumbling right in front of our eyes, rotting from the inside out and up until now many of you've...

Speak Easy: Sexual Abuse

UNITED STATES—History is littered with drawings, photos and historical accounts of it and today I am going to talk about something NOBODY wants to...

Speak Easy: Our Broken OCEAN

UNITED STATES—The Big Five personality traits that have been used to determine the normalcy of personality are no longer as important in today's world,...

Speak Easy: Man-Hating Women

UNITED STATES—I am tickled pink to be shouting out across the nation from New York, with an opportunity to find an audience of people...
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