Tag: poison

Biologists Find Two Mountain Lions Dead

SANTA MONICA—Two mountain lions P-30 and P-53 were found dead in the Santa Monica Mountains with poisons in their systems, the National Park Service...

Assembly Member Proposes Bill To Ban Rat Poison

SANTA MONICA—Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) has proposed bill (AB 1788), which will ban specific pesticide control methods such as using rat poisoning.  “This...

Evolution Of: Black Pepper Cancer?

United States - Once upon a time salt and black pepper were such expensive spices, they were traded as currency, but not anymore. As a...

Arsenic Found On BHHS Lacrosse Field

BEVERLY HILLS—Possible dangerous levels of arsenic have been discovered in the soil of the lacrosse field at Beverly Hills High School. The district told CBS...
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