Tag: Poltergeist

“Poltergeist” Is Indeed A Classic

HOLLYWOOD—With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve celebrated the month here at Canyon News in the past discussing all types of various genres of horror from...

Steven Spielberg, A Cut Above The Rest

HOLLYWOOD—I watched a very interesting documentary about filmmaker Steven Spielberg on HBO chronicling his filmography and rise to the ranks in Hollywood. I was...

“Tomorrowland” Wins Memorial Day Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—This might be the first time in the four-day Memorial holiday weekend, that the box-office didn’t produce epic numbers. Last week “Pitch Perfect” and...

“Poltergeist” Will Scare You Senseless

HOLLYWOOD—I have seriously been waiting for quite some time for a movie to come along to deliver some wicked thrills, something to scare me...

Summer 2015 Movie Preview

HOLLYWOOD—I seriously can’t recall the last time I was super excited about the summer movie season arriving, but 2015 is looking like one of...

“Poltergeist” Trailer Will Spook You

HOLLYWOOD—I’m a fan of remakes to a degree, especially when the writer and director chooses to take a classic in a new direction. In...
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