Tag: Possession

Deception Lingers In Salem On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—Where do we start people in regards to the mayhem on “Days of Our Lives.” Well there is good news and bad news. Why?...

Marlena Evans As ‘The Devil’ Is Great Daytime TV!

HOLLYWOOD—If there is one soap opera that NEVER seems to disappoint when it comes to sweeps, especially around the month of November it is...

“The Conjuring 2” Is The Perfect Thrill

HOLLYWOOD—I was debating back and forth all week, on what ghost flick I wanted to discuss just in time for the perfect Halloween scare....

“Annabelle: Creation” Is Spine-Tingling Fun!

HOLLYWOOD—Ever since “The Conjuring” was released back in 2013, all anyone could talk about was that creepy looking doll that made its debut in...

Rapper Vic Mensa Arrested For Gun Possession

BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, March 7, authorities disclosed that rapper Vic Mensa was arrested and charged with a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon. The...
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