Tag: psychology

The Psychology Of Buying

UNITED STATES—I’ve talked about the issue of temptation in the past, especially in the world of materialistic things. As Americans, we are inclined to...

The Quality Of Being: Psychoanalysis – State Of The Art

UNITED STATES—***This work is 100 years ahead of the way psychoanalysis is being taught and trained today!!! A Revolutionary Approach by Dr. Len Bergantino,...

Evolution Of: Joel Osteen, God’s Psychologist?

UNITED STATES—Who would’ve thought a rap song by HOPSIN would have me rethinking my pre-established theological beliefs: that church was really just the establishment of government...

Mental Health Awareness Month!

UNITED STATES—May is Mental Health Awareness Month and instead of the usual DOOM and GLOOM statistics let's go back to the basics because it...

Analyzing Fear

UNITED STATES—When it comes to fear, how precisely can you describe what it is? Is it a sense of dread, is it an environment,...

Discovering That Inner Strength

UNITED STATES—Why is it sometimes we need the approval from others to realize our potential? We live in a world where self-doubt tends to...
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