Tag: Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Locations In Sherman Oaks

SHERMAN OAKS—Pumpkin patches will be open in the Los Angeles County for people to buy their pumpkins to put out on display for Halloween. Steve...

Mr. Jack O’Lanterns Pumpkin Patch Opens

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Mr. Jack O’Lanterns Pumpkin Patch, a family business which provides special Halloween items, will open on Saturday, October 3. This year, the business...

All You Can Carry Pumpkin Patch

SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica will be hosting its annual All You Can Carry Pumpkin Patch on Wednesday, October 31.  According to the...

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch Reopens After Fire

STUDIO CITY—The Toluca Lake pumpkin festival officially re-opened for business this week after a fire destroyed a large portion of the themed attraction on...

“Scream Queens” Recap: ‘Pumpkin Patch’

HOLLYWOOD—So no major player was killed in last week’s episode of “Scream Queens,” but Zayday was kidnapped by the Red Devil. This week’s episode...
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