Tag: Quentin

“The Best Man: The Final Chapters” Is Stellar

HOLLYWOOD—Talk about some enthralling entertainment. I’ve never seen a movie transition into a limited TV series. I’ve seen plenty of TV shows or series...

“The Chi” Recap: ‘I’m Looking For A New Thing’

HOLLYWOOD—The penultimate episode of “The Chi” before the season five finale was perhaps one of the best episodes of the season in my opinion....

“Power” Recap: ‘Why Is Tommy Still Alive?’

HOLLYWOOD—This was a great episode, where the audience learned even more about the risks characters are willing to take to get ahead. This latest...

“Arrow” Finally Reveals Who Is In The Grave?

HOLLYWOOD—Since the start of season four, fans of The CW hit “Arrow” have been eagerly waiting to find out just who was lying in...
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