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Zoe Learns The Truth On “Bold And Beautiful!”

HOLLYWOOD—It has become a stark realization for me in the soap arena: the writers are learning that you don’t have to drag out a...

Hope Meets ‘Phoebe’ On “Bold And Beautiful!”

HOLLYWOOD—I knew it. I knew as soon as the adoption was a done deal on “The Bold and the Beautiful” that Dr. Reese Buckingham...

Adoption Mayhem Explodes On “Bold And Beautiful!”

HOLLYWOOD—I pegged this quite some time ago, and the fact that it has actually manifested right in front of my eyes really confirms I...

Baby Beth ‘Dies’ On “Bold And Beautiful!”

HOLLYWOOD—I thought I was the only person outraged by the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” for deciding to put Hope Logan through...

Hope Baby Nightmare On “Bold And Beautiful!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have thought that Liam getting two women pregnant in the same year would create so much drama? Yes, “The Bold and the...
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